Welcome to R.I.V.E.R. Educational Consulting

RIVER Educational Consulting supports children and teens who struggle with academic, social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs and their families by providing them with the tools, coping strategies, and resources to live resilient and healthy lives!

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We offer a range of services that empower parents to make decisions with confidence. With RIVER on your side, we will develop effective strategies to set your child up for success while helping you understand their educational rights. We are your child’s biggest cheerleaders, advocating for you and your child when attending school meetings or mediation, requesting evaluations to get to the core of the issue, creating the best approach to obtaining an IEP, and much more.

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RIVER also provides state of the art trainings and curriculum to help teachers and faculty address harmful behaviors within their student body proactively. These trainings focus on identifying, addressing, and preventing adverse childhood experiences, negative coping strategies, suicidal thoughts, and other emotional dysregulations which students may experience.

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We offer instruction in the addition of trauma-informed curriculum to be included and supportive of the currently implemented federal common core curriculum.  In learning how to identify, address, support and prevent these factors in schools, teachers and administration can have a deeper impact on educating and caring for the whole child within their communities.