Dr. Kfoury Presents at Saint Theresa of Avila School Community Meeting

“Addressing the Monkey on your Back: How to identify Anxiety in your child and how to actively de-escalate its effects. “

This discussion teaches parents about the nature of anxiety in children and provide tools parents can use to help their child cope with anxiety and  learn to self-regulate.  

Many children and early adolescents do not recognize their anxiety for what it actually is.  Often, they may think there is some “wrong” with them. Young Children tend to focus on physical symptoms, such a stomach aches, headaches, lethargy, etc). Young Adolescents and teenagers may feel “odd”, “weird”, out of control, or even “crazy”.  Such thoughts may create further anxiety, continuing this negative cycle.

In this brief Open Forum Discussion, Dr. Tara Kfoury will help you

  • To define what Anxiety is and what is may look like for your child
  • To identify the early onset of anxiety in your child
  • To anticipate changes and/or triggers in your child’s behaviors in the moment of an anxiety-attack (sensory, over-stimulation, prior trauma)
  • Develop a protocol for brain breaks, distractions, and other anxiety-reducing strategies
  • Engage in-the-moment de-escalation strategies (physical touch, mindfulness breathing techniques, visual & voice calming strategies, Tapping)
  • To maintain your calm as you try to calm your child
  • To speak with your child about his/her anxiety & concerns

Published by

R.I.V.E.R. Educational Consulting

In 2015, Tara M. Kfoury received her Doctorate of Educational Leadership after completing a public defense on the dissertation titled: "The Perceptions of Middle School Principals in Addressing Non-Suicidal Self-Injury among Adolescent Females ages 10-14 years old." Since then, Tara has continued to inquire and implement the latest research findings on educational best practices as well as address the Social Emotional and Mental learning needs of adolescents. She continues to conduct research on past, current, and emerging trends in education and social emotional health and wellness. She has honed her skills in addressing children who engage in harmful behaviors - including but not limited to self-harm, suicide, negative coping strategies, and addiction. Her SEL and conflict resolution techniques address children as young as 3 years old to those in their early 20s. Currently, Tara provides Social Emotional skill building among students, staff, and families within several school communities. Her expertise allows her to effectively collaborate with and mentor staff members on contemporary Social Emotional Health and Wellness needs. Her knowledge of how to reduce anxiety, address conflict in a safe and effective manner, and encourage self-advocacy are used when speaking with students, staff, and parents alike. Tara has also used several highly effective protocols to address students that may be at greater risk of harmful behaviors and negative coping strategies. As a former educator for more than 17 years, Tara is familiar with public and private school institutions, allowing her to navigate the requirements needed to be filled by SEL curriculum. Additionally, as an educator she is aware of federal and state curricula requirements for various health and wellness programs which allows her to coordinate and form partnerships with other private and public schools with flexibility and ease. As a consultant, Dr. Kfoury advises school principals and staff on the design and implementation of critical curriculum for the development of youth, ages 3 to 20. She serves as a primary contact of assistance for educators and families in resolving educational issues and grievances. During her career, Tara has executed outreach initiatives to public and private entities to support the students, families, staff, and the surrounding community. She continues to use her proficient skills in communication, interpersonal, relationship building, consulting, teamwork and leadership to positively impact change management within the educational arena. As a veteran teacher, Tara has assessed teacher development needs and designed and delivered targeted solutions, including strategic planning, visioning, classroom management and team building. She has delivered appropriate coaching and development feedback to principals, teacher leaders, and teacher candidates. Lastly, she has provided expertise in development and execution, planning, and facilitation of positive employee relations efforts.

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