About the Creator of R.I.V.E.R. Educational Consulting

Dr. Tara Kfoury is the founder of RIVER Educational Consulting and a Child & Adolescent Transformative Specialist who helps parents, teachers, and school administrators recognize and address mental health-related behaviors that prevent students from learning and thriving in an academic environment.

Dr. Kfoury addresses teachers & students on essential coping strategies to address Stress and Anxiety.

Tara is not only an expert in the field but has a personal investment in helping children/teens who feel alone in their struggles. She admits that in her adolescence, she rarely felt heard or loved, which led to low self-esteem and trouble focusing in the classroom. She had an incredible school counselor who she could speak to openly but wished more adults in her life were able and willing to help. As a result, Tara has a true gift for connecting with these young people on a deeper level by creating a judgement-free space to share their story.


Tara has created a revolutionary organization, RIVER Educational Consulting, due to the enormous need to train educators in identifying and addressing students who are struggling. RIVER also offers services to individuals and families by facilitating therapeutic sessions, creating strategies that set children up for success, advocating for the child in school meetings/mediation, and ensuring the child’s educational rights are understood and honored.

Dr. Kfoury participates regularly on the Television show “Living in the 21st Century”, providing her expertise in Education and Mental Health.

Aside from serving as the Founder of RIVER Educational Consulting, Tara is a former grade 5-12 Humanities Teacher, k-University Spanish Language Professor, a Behavioral Interventionist, and is currently active as an adolescent dual-diagnosis therapist at a local Boston hospital. She holds a PhD in Educational Leadership with a Specialization in Adolescent Maladaptive Behaviors from Lesley University.

Tara is a member of the Mental Health Round-table Committee for the City of Boston, a reoccurring participant on the local television show “Living in the 21st Century”, a regular contributor to several podcasts, webinars, and news articles. She has published several articles, courses on trauma in education, and hosted a webinar for educators, mental health professionals, and families. She is a mom of two daughters and lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

City of Boston Mental Health Round-table Discussion panel.