Services for Families, Teenagers, & Children

RIVER Consulting helps families address the emotional, mental, psychological, and behavioral state of their child. This also includes improving communication with their child(ren) as well as helping them avoid at-risk behaviors. RIVER helps parents and guardians establish a support system comprised of PCP, Therapist/Psychiatrist, membership in local support groups, or treatment centers.

RIVER Consulting additionally helps parents understand their child’s academic strengths and deficits in learning and behavior through interpreting and evaluating test results and report cards. We also observe the student in the classroom to have first-hand knowledge of the child in their learning environment.

Therapeutic Services

  • 1:1 therapeutic session with child or teens (coping skills/strategies, development of routine for daily life)
  • Family Therapeutic sessions virtual & in-person and check-ins
  • Development of Support Networks for Individual Child, inclusive of PCP, Psychiatrist, etc. 
  • Establish need for visit with PCP for wellness checkup
  • Psychiatrist Recommendations (if medication is desired)

Individual Education Plans/504 plans/Reintegration Plan

  • Provide input into all aspects of IEP development to obtain measurable goals. 
  • Review of progress reports against projected IEP goals
  • Offer input on IEPs, 504’s, behavior and transition plans

Educational Advocacy:

RIVER attends team meetings to advocate for the child, ensuring all educational and psychological testing results are addressed. We also will develop a strategy to ensure the child’s needs are met. RIVER often references state and federal education laws during such meetings.


Tara helped my family navigate the 504 process for our son when he was diagnosed as ADHD Inattentive. She reviewed the plan offered by our district to ensure it included certain aspects and explained things to us in layman’s terms since this was unchartered territory. Having known Tara for many years, our relationship was strictly professional and confidential – without question. In our discussions it is clear to me that she is an expert in her fields and truly cares about her clients and their wellbeing. Whether you are dealing with the IEP/504 process or something more serious (such as her specialty with social emotional traumas), RIVER Educational Consulting is well equipped to assist.

-Danielle O’Brien, Parent

Dr Tara Kfoury has been a huge help with our 12 yr old’s anxiety. She is knowledgeable and caring and provided us as parents great resources to help our daughter. We value her work and her experience as a mental health consultant. My wife and I highly recommend her and her RIVER Educational Consulting.

-Anthony Bencomo, Parent

It is with gratitude and admiration that I write this heartfelt recommendation for Dr. Tara Kfoury at R.I.V.E.R. Educational Consulting. When you meet Dr. Kfoury you will first be pleased with her approach and professionalism; she reaches you in a meaningful and compassionate manner. Her extensive and unparalleled experience in both mental health and education are fundamental and unmatched. I came to meet her as a resource for my daughter who deals with anxiety. She immediately assured her of the confidence she would keep and the confidence she would build with her. It was absolutely refreshing to hear the modern approaches to care she would provide. She continuously postulates and delivers current material and references for suggestions and tactics. Dr. Kfoury will give you an endless list of reputable resources from articles and books to videos and emotional reassurances. You will not find a more modern and relevant therapist. She does not look backwards to direct her patients forward, she surehandedly uses real-world information and resources to effect change. She articulates emotional impasses with ease, coveys next steps and leaves her client both comforted and full of hope. The growth and security my daughter experienced in just the past year is remarkable. Dr. Kfoury is not shrouded by what the system may disparage or what it applauds, she operates with the sole intention of seeing her patient succeed. There is no end to her commitment and her dedication is simply impressive. I cannot say enough to endorse her and encourage those who find themselves in need of her services to reach out. She will leave an unforgettable imprint and you will be relieved and beholden as a parent or client.