Dr. Kfoury discusses Gun Control, Mental Health, and other critical topics in our contemporary Society with other experts in the field.

On the 7th of September, Dr. Tara Kfoury attended a one hour televised round table discussion concerning firearms, laws regarding the right to bear arms, and the role youth play in recent tragedies involving guns. During this discussion, experts from various fields of study critically examined the current federal and state laws as they pertain to gun control, gun possession, and abuses of the laws by citizens. Mr. Jim Wallace, the Executive Director of Gun Owners Action League, explained the complexities of gun ownership and shared his thoughts about gun control in contemporary society. The panel was able to openly analyze the importance of addressing the psychological, emotional, behavioral and mental health of young adults, the roles that faith and religion play in our lives, and the critical need for all of us to have a nurturing and loving support system in place in our lives. Together, they examined if a lack of one or several of these important life factors can propel a citizen to break down and seek homicidal and/or suicidal results when a firearm is present in the home. Lastly, the panel proposed several comprehensive ideas and solutions on fire arms in america, how to reconnect with community, how to support current and future educators, coaches, and community members alike with mental/psychological/behavioral/emotional health strategies and practices, and worked to unveil the scapegoating of mental illness as the leading cause of gun massacres in the United States.