The following are great resources for Families and Communities to watch regarding various topics of Mental Health & Acceptance:


Not Alone (2017) – Driven by a desire to understand why her best friend killed herself at age 16, Jaqueline Monetta (18yrs), sits down with teens to talk about their struggles with mental illness and thoughts of suicide.

Inside my Mind (2015) Anxiety, a small bout of depression, or an obsessional thought, all of us can have these feelings at some time. But, what if these persist and take over our life? In this movie, the directors explore the science behind mental illness, looking at the lives of 5 patients and their road to potential help for their illnesses.

Raising Bipolar: Understanding the Disorder (2010) Directed by Eric Shotz and Ruth Rivin, this film follows four separate families struggling to raise children diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. One storyline follows a grandmother bravely raising four bipolar children with this strange and unpredictable disorder.  Another story follows a young teen named Kelsey as she faces intensifying social pressures in school while struggling to manage her moods.

Fractured (2018) The Park Family deals with the dire consequences of untreated mental health illness in their son, Danny Park. This story is inspired by the true events of the Virginia Tech University Shooting, where Seung Hui Cho committed one of the deadliest mass shootings in American History.

Chase (2018) Based on actual events, this movie depicts the life of a young girl who is bullied through high school.  The main character unveils her story alongside a behavioral specialist, youth leaders, and a cast of film directors, helping her to explore the human behavior of bullying and its heartbreaking effects.

BIPOLARIZED (2016) This is a riveting and heart wrenching story about a young man plagued with Bipolar Disorder who challenges conventional wisdom about mental illness and drug therapy.

Shadow Voices: Finding Hope in Mental Illness  (????) This film provides an inside look at what it is like to live with a mental illness and how individuals and their families find their way through medical, governmental, societal, and spiritual issues – to hope.

Emma Wants to Live (2016) This film offers a unique, self-presented view of the deadly disease of Anorexia.  The filmmaker and star of the film is Emma, herself.  She filmed her own life as she struggled to recover from Anorexia.  Ultimately, Emma lost her battle with the disease, but taught her audience to choose life while you can.

Breaking the Silence (2017) This is a true-life documentary depicting the stories of 5 courageous women who each overcame their childhood experiences of abuse and neglect.

Unraveling the Creative Mind (2016) 10 minutes in duration. Creativity is an essential component of human progress.  From arts to technology, our world has been shaped by the visions of all those who have dared to thing differently.  Dr. Nancy Andreasen, a neuropsychiatrist, studies the creative process in the brain and its relation to mental illness.

Changing our Minds- Clear Thoughts on Depression, Drugs, and Alternative Paths to a Healthy Mind (2018 updated) This original 2010 film was updated to provide the most cutting-edge research concerning mental health and depression including all that is known about medication, medical and environmental causes, ADHD and other mental illness diagnosis; cognitive behavioral talk therapy, philosophical counseling and other natural healing methods. Interviews with leading spiritual, medical, and mental health professionals; tempered with personal stories.

A Dangerous Son (2017) This is an HBO film that focused on the lives of three separate families, each of them having a child who is living with a serious mental illness.  It unpacks their lives to portray their journeys toward finding an appropriate treatment.


TV Shows:

The Mental Health Show (2018) This show is hosted by John Cordray, a licensed therapist who brings awareness to mental health.  John brings a seriousness mixed with entertainment and humor as he addresses the ofter misunderstood mental health issues of today.  *Available on Amazon Prime.

Science or Fiction (2018) Within the first season, there are several episodes addressing mental illness, mindfulness, anxiety, depression, hostility, seasonal affective disorder, and happiness.  *Available on Amazon Prime.

Motivational Speakers/Podcasts:

Jay Shetty can be found on – Jay is an award-winning host who has quite the interesting background.  His messages are sensible, relatable, calming and soothing.  His collection of brief 1-5 minute video clips are useful from dealing with anxiety to loss of a loved one.  He addresses stress, living the best life possible, and what to really look for in another person.

Ear Buds: A Podcasting Documentary (2016-) Graham Elwood and Chris Mancini wanted to find out why podcasters had such a deep personal connection with their audiences. They went all over the country, and even to Australia and Japan, yo interview fans and podcasters.  From dealing to mental illness to battling cancer, the stories they collected in this series of podcasts are inspiring and surprising.

TedX Talks:

How Childhood Trauma Affects Across A Lifetime with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris


What Trauma Taught Me About Resilience with Charles Hunt


The Skeletons In my Closet with Stephen Lewis




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